Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Why I started... and stopped... cloth diapering

Before Axel was born I posed the idea to Hubs about cloth diapering.
He was not impressed.

But I researched, and researched, and web-surfed, and Googled, and You-Tubed and I was just SO FASCINATED with the modern cloth diapers that exist today. I mean, please… VELCRO? SNAPS?  They might as well be disposable because they work the exact same way. Cute colors and prints? Save the Earth? Weeeeeeee!

A couple months before Axel was born I ordered the trial pack from  When my box of fluff arrived I quickly prepped everything and set it aside for the big arrival.  About 10 days after I brought my baby bundle home from the hospital I was officially a cloth-diapering mama.

Axel - 4 months

For the early days I used Kissaluvs fitted (size 0) with Thirsties covers, and pre-folds with covers.  We used those for maybe a week or two before Axel chunked out enough to use BumGenius pockets.  I tried Fuzzibuns and AIO’s, but found that they didn’t really meet my needs.  We continued to use the prefolds because – duh – you simply can’t kill those. They are a workhorse! 
 Hubs quickly got the hang of the BG’s (not so much the pre-folds), and our nanny LOVED using cloth (she was quite comfortable with the pre-folds and PINS – OMGDONTSTABTHEBABY!)  I built my stash up so that I would only have to wash 2-3 times a week.  We even traveled with cloth a couple times (until we went to the UP and I had to wash in lake/well water – ick.)

When I got pregnant again I knew I would cloth diaper. It was so easy, and cheap. I already had all the pre-folds I would need. I decided to beef up my BG supply because those were my diapers of choice.  When Archer was born I was set!

So I thought.

Archer is built significantly different than Axel was/is. He super quickly grew out of the Kissaluvs diapers (so much for those extras I purchased).  He was skipping the pre-fold sizes I had and by the time he was 3 months old he was already wearing the same sizing option on the BG’s as Axel was at 2 years old!.  But the rise was too low, they didn’t seem comfortable for him and I was reaching for the disposables more than I was my pretty new cloth diapers I had purchased specifically for his arrival.  And then Axel started developing diaper rash ALL the time.  But not a rash so much as a… chafing.  And he didn’t seem comfortable.  So I started reaching for the disposables for him too.  And before I knew it, I would go days without either of them having a cute fluffy butt.

Archer - 6 months
It simply wasn’t working anymore.

So, I stopped.  I told Hubs that I was going to sell our stash and keep the kids in disposables.  And the guilt, ohhhhhhh, the guilt.  The money spent. The landfills. The ozone.  Our carbon footprint!  But through all of this I’ve come to realize that you need to do what’s best for you and your babies.  And right now ‘sposies are it.

I sure do miss the fluffy butt, though.