Andrew James

July, 2012 - he's a lady killer!
My first born came into this world at 12:48am on December 30, 2001.  Right from the beginning he had his dad's personality - laid back, chill, not a care in the world.  He slept through the night at 8-weeks old, which was perfect because that was when I went back to working full-time out of the house.

He is very much his fathers child, which sometimes makes it difficult to relate to him.  He is not very showy with emotions - he's not a hugger and he hates saying good-bye when the time comes. He'd rather just wander off and leave the good-byes to others.  He's very artistic and loves to draw, and if you plunk him in front of a gaming device he's happy for hours.  

Reading is boring - unless it's about zombies or vampires. School is annoying. Girls are gross. Brushing his teeth is a waste of time.

He loves his little brother, which tickles me to no end! It's hard to believe that there was ever a time I would worry about him being jealous of a new sibling after 10 years of being an only.  And he's VERY excited about baby boy #3 making his entrance soon.  "All brothers, Mom.  No sisters!"

All. Boy.

Love that kid.

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