Axel Frederic

July 2013 - first time at Lake Michigan!

Axel Frederic was born February 19, 2012 at 9:52am, weighing in at a WHOPPING NINE POUNDS! (He is VERY much his daddy's -big- boy!)  Named after my husband's grandfather (Axel) and my grandfather (Fred), this kid is destined for greatness.

He's a big boy, rough and tumble, loves to run, run, RUNNNNNN!  He climbs on EVERYTHING, rarely sits still and can't be bothered with enjoying a quiet story-time or a cuddle on the couch.  Always on the go.

At 19 months, he loves Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, his big fleece blanket, hiding his head under pillows, the book "Where Is Baby's Belly Button?" and Matchbox cars.  Oh, and the poison cabinet under the kitchen sink.  Yeah, that's his favorite.

I'm definitely worried about how Axel will adjust to having a new baby brother, only being 22 months apart.  He's still too young to understand that we have a new addition coming soon.  Hoping for the best - this will be a learning experience for us all!

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