Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Learning something new...

71 days left until I official begin My Radical Sabbatical!

<insert dramatic music and a stressed look here>

While trying to wrap my head around becoming a one-income family, Hubster and I have decided to take the month of October to really examine our spending habits and see where we can pare down. We can both be accused of shopping stupidly.  You know the type:  You go to the big box/all-purpose store for some milk and bread.  Ooooh, but then you need to pick up a birthday card.  OH! Look at that cute little onesie for the baby!  AH - I need cat food!  Ohhhhhh... my flip-flops just broke last weekend, I should probably pick up some more of those...  AND WHAT ABOUT THE CLEARANCE RACK, eh?

Yeah, and before you know it your "grocery bill" has quadrupled and you just don't understand what happened.  Because it's NOT EVEN GROCERIES!

And that's not even the half of it.  A package of M&M's here, a pop there, a forgotten lunch at home and pretty soon we've spent 30 bucks on crap. Just crap.

So, after some fancy Googling and Facebook group browsing I've found some couponing sites that I'm hoping will change the way I spend my money.  I've never used coupons in my adult life.  I mean, I've used some online things when buying my Keurig k-cups, and I've found some offers when shopping at Old Navy online.  But, I've never clipped a coupon for Stouffer's stuffing, and then physically taken it to the store to purchase said stuffing.  Nope, I just shop for, and buy, what I want.

This has gotta change.  But let me tell you... this is HARD!

Right now I'm using for the basics of learning HOW to clip, and then I've found some great local savings on the Facebook group site A Mitten Full of Savings.  If I can swing a face-to-face couponing class I'll be looking into that as well.  This is requiring a whole new mindset, and it's taking some time and effort.  And meal-planning. Ugh.  Planning in general.

So, the plan for October:

  1. Be honest with money being spent. Track, track, track! Save receipts.
  2. Meal Plan
  3. Grocery shop according to the Meal Plan
  4. No frivolous spending (but if it happens, see #1)
  5. Clip coupons! (My first newspaper will be delivered on Sunday)
  6. Use coupons, price compare, research
I'll report back at the end of the month!

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