Friday, October 18, 2013

Saving Money

I'm not exactly sure how this whole "budgeting" thing is going.  I definitely see improvement, but then I see crazy things that get in the way.

For example:  We are tracking (pretty much) every purchase we make for the month of October... kind of for a baseline.  But then we purchased a hunting tent (it *is* hunting season after all), and two combo hunting licenses (we NEEEEEEEEED some venison in the freezer!), and a toddler bed and mattress (because we NEEEEEEED to transition Axel before the new baby comes), and an outfit for the wedding on Saturday, and... and... and...

Doesn't seem like I'm getting ahead at all, does it?

But then awesome things happen with the budget, like: I went to the grocery store today (after looking at some online deals, consulting my meal plan (sorta), and looking at my available coupons, and spent about $15 while saving about $20!  Woooooo!  I was so proud of myself I could hardly stand it!

Also saved money today by choosing not to spend. This morning I wanted a Biggby coffee and donut holes in the worst way.  The WORST.  But no, I drove to work and told myself that I have oatmeal in my cabinet, plus some k-Cups in yummy flavors.  Saved:  $6-7  When I was at the grocery store today I decided that I would pick up some sushi, but I went too early for a good selection to be out.  So, I told myself that I could eat an Easy Mac that I brought in for such non-lunch emergencies, and that I could eat a couple apples from previous brought lunches.  Saved:  approx $10.  On my way back from the grocery store I thought to myself, "Man, I could really go for a McD's fountain coke!"  Then I remembered that I had just brewed myself a k-Cup of ice tea and it was waiting for me at my desk.  Saved:  $1.06

My good choices saved me close to $20 of frivolous spending - TODAY ALONE! 

Guess it's a give and take type thing.

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